Full Stack Web3 Development with JavaScript

Developed by Patrick Collison and published completely free on the freeCodeCamp Youtube channel, the course is one of the most comprehensive Web3 courses on the market. The topics covered in the 32-hour video training are as follows:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Remix and Simple Storage
  • Remix Storage Factory
  • Ethers.js Simple Storage
  • Hardhat Simple Storage
  • HTML / Javascript (Full Stack / Front End)
  • Hardhat Smart Contract Lottery
  • NextJS Smart Contract Lottery (Full Stack / Front End)
  • Hardhat Starter Kit
  • Hardhat ERC20s
  • Hardhat DeFi & Aave
  • Hardhat NFTs
  • NextJS NFT Marketplace (Full Stack / Front End)
  • Hardhat Upgrades
  • Hardhat DAOs
  • Security & Auditing